Flushing Awesome

Last year, King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division spent over $120,000 just to take the wipes, tampons and other trash that came into our treatment plants to a landfill. That’s enough trash to fill two semi-trucks every week!

To help educate the public, King County has created the Flushing Awesome! campaign. Want to protect the environment and keep our sewers working right? It’s simple!

Flushing Awesome!

  • Use a trash can instead of the toilet to dispose of used wipes, hygiene products and other items that don’t break down like toilet paper.
  • Even if the label says “flushable”, wipes and other trash can build up in the sewer system and cause overflows that might damage property, hurt the environment, or make people sick.
  • Human waste and toilet paper are the only things to flush. Everything else belongs in the trash can – not the toilet!

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