Citizen’s Advisory Committee


The Valley View Citizen’s Advisory Committee was formed in November 1999. The Committee consists of unpaid volunteers, selected from the ratepayers in the District who are interested in participating. In March 2000 the name was changed to the Valley View Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Duties of the Committee are:

  1. To apprise the Board of Commissioners of issues and opinions from within the ratepayer base of the District.
  2. At the Board of Commissioners’ or District staffs’ request assist the District’s direct lobbying of the State Legislature, regarding issues of importance to the welfare of the District. (The Committee, as an entity created by the District, cannot directly lobby the State Legislature).
  3. At the Board of Commissioners’ request, study issues and advise the Board, to enable the Board to make informed decisions.

The current Committee members are:

  • Terry Farden
  • Dick Jordan
  • Art Rosengren
  • Sharon Mann

Committee meetings are held once each month at the District office.

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee has a new email address:

Please feel free to email any comments and / or questions, to the Citizen Advisory Committee.

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