Sewer Backups



When Sanitary Sewers Backup

Your sanitary sewer is the system of underground pipes that carries sewage from bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and other plumbing components to a wastewater treatment plant where it is filtered, treated and discharged. If your sanitary sewer is backed up:


Call your Sewer District first!

You can contact us 24 hours a day. After hours you will be directed to a phone number, please leave your name, your phone number, your address and a brief explanation of nature of emergency. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Business Hours: 206 242-3236
After Hours: 206 501-8158


Don’t sign a contract for sewer repair work without contacting Valley View Sewer District first.

Don’t sign a contract to have your sewer line dug up and repaired unless you or your contractor consults with the District first.

Don’t dig before calling 811. This one simple, free call could save you injury, time and money.

Why should you call the District first?

It can save you thousands of dollars.

A sewer district employee will quickly determine if the blockage is in the District’s system, or in your plumbing or private side sewer. This is important! In the past homeowners have paid contractors to clear a blockage that was in the District’s system.

  • If the blockage is in the District’s system, we will respond to clear the blockage.
  • If the problem is in your private system, the District will assist you to determine the cause of the problem and the most cost-effective way to fix it.
  • If you have already called a contractor to clear a blockage that turned out to be in the District’s system, have the contractor contact Valley View directly for payment.

If your private sewer line must be dug up and repaired because of a break in the line, roots in the line, or some other problem:

  • A permit is required from the District office to have your sewer line repaired.
  • The District will provide you with its small works contractors list. We recommend you always get more than one bid for the repair work.
  • Check with us if you have questions about the cost or extent of the proposed work.
  • Valley View Sewer District has a program that allows you to finance private side sewer work.

View the Small Works Contractors Roster
View financing options


What if my Storm Sewer is backed up?

The storm sewer is a system designed to carry rainfall runoff and other drainage. It is not designed to carry sewage or accept hazardous wastes. The runoff is carried in underground pipes or open ditches and discharges untreated into local streams, rivers and other surface water bodies. Storm drain inlets are typically found in curbs and low-lying outdoor areas. Some older buildings have basement floor drains that connect to the storm sewer system.

Valley View Sewer District is not responsible for storm sewers. If a storm sewer system is failing, call the appropriate city or county agency.