Board of Commissioners Meeting Notice

The District’s Regular Board Meeting for May 21, 2024 is open to the public for onsite attendance.

The center section of the Valley View Sewer and Water District 125 building will be open for this event at 3460 S 148th St Tukwila, Wa 98168.

Valley View Sewer District

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The District Board of Commissioners consists of three members elected by the rate-payers of the District. The term of office for Commissioners is six years, staggered so one Commissioner’s term expires every two years. Board meetings are held at the District office every first and third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 P.M. The public is welcome, but limited time is available for non-scheduled items. If you have an agenda please contact the District in advance of the meeting date.

The district also has a Citizen’s Advisory Committee comprising five unpaid volunteer members selected from the ratepayers in the District who are interested in participating in the welfare of the district and the communities we serve.

Committee meetings are held once each month at the District office. Please feel free to email any comments and/or questions to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee.