What is F.O.G.?

F.O.G. stands for Fats, Oils & Grease and are found in common food and food ingredients such as: meat, fish, butter, cooking oil, mayonnaise, gravies, sauces and food scraps.

If poured down the drain or into your garbage disposal, F.O.G. will build up over time by sticking to your plumbing lines or the sewer lines. This could eventually cause an expensive sewer backup into your home, business, or into local streams or rivers.

How does F.O.G. affect me?

F.O.G. down the drain contributes to a majority of all sewage backups in Valley View Sewer District. This can result in raw sewage backups into homes, onto streets, or into local streams.

Homeowners and businesses may be held liable for ALL cleanup costs related to a sewer backup. Such costs can include damage to adjoining properties, parking lots, streets, and the cost to relieve and repair the sewer system.

What can I do?

Follow a few simple steps to help prevent sewer backups:

  1. Pour cooled fats, oils and grease into a covered, disposable container and throw it into your garbage. Never pour fats, oils or grease down sink drains or toilets. COOL IT, CAN IT, & TRASH IT..
  2. Soak up remaining fats, oils and grease with a paper towel and dispose with your food and yard waste.
  3. Before you wash dishes, scrape food scraps, fats, oils and grease into your compost or trash.
  4. Avoid using your garbage disposal. Use sink strainers to catch any remaining food waste while washing dishes.
  5. Perform regular sink drain maintenance by pouring one-half cup of baking soda down the drain and one-half cup white vinegar down the drain. Wait 15 minutes, then flush thoroughly with very hot water. Do not use method if a commercial product was recently used to remove the blockage.

canitRemember: Left over cooking grease goes in the trash.


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