Side Sewer Permit

Side Sewer Permit Application



Before connecting to sewers you must obtain a Side Sewer Permit from the District.

Before demolishing an existing structure which is connected to public sewers you must obtain a Side Sewer Capping Permit.

Side Sewer Construction Specifications

General Requirements

  1. Side Sewer Permit is required prior to start of work.
  2. Legal description of lot and plot plan with dimensions must be provided.
  3. All work done in the public right of way must be done by a licensed contractor
  4. Bedding of pipe must be done by hand. No backfilling will be done until inspection is completed and approved.
  5. Bedding and initial backfill material must be free from large rocks.

Side Sewer Requirements

  1. 4-inch (minimum size) sewer pipe required on property, 2% minimum grade ( 1/4″ fall per foot).
  2. Joint side sewers require 6 inch pipe for common use and require an easement agreement. No more than 4 single family residences are allowed to connect into one 6 inch sewer stub.
  3. Listing of approved pipe:
    • PVC = Type SDR-35 ASTM-3034 (with standard gasket joints)
    • ABS = Type DWV Schedule 40 ASTM D 2661 (with solvent weld or glue joints)

NOTE: Solvent weld joints are only permitted in conjunction with ABS type pipe not PVC.

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View a typical side sewer requirements plan and construction notes for Valley View Sewer District.
Icon of Typical Sewer Requirement Plan Typical Sewer Requirement Plan (412.4 KiB)

Valley View service area map
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Same permit used for Side Sewer Capping. Allow 24 to 48 hours for issuance.